The Different Types of Programs for Drug Addicts

An Inside Look at Denver Substance Abuse Programs and the Impact of Programs for Drug Addicts

Denver, and Colorado in general, have long been the subject of a number of controversial headlines in drug-related news. However, this constant attention has made the programs for drug addicts offered by the city improve drastically over the last few years. When you look at the types of drugs found in Colorado one statistic seems to stand out above others, in recent years methamphetimines have made up more than one third of all drug treatment admissions for the state.

Denver Substance Abuse Programs: The Dangers of Methamphetamine Addiction

While the rise of methamphetamine use has not been as intense or as sudden as the opioid epidemic, methamphetamine use has been on the rise since it first became commonplace during World War II. Generally regarded as a drug that affects the land-locked states in North America, more-so than the coast, Colorado is seemingly placed in the epicenter of methamphetamine use. Drug addicts who abuse methamphetamine generally do so for the intense stimulation and euphoria the drug is associated with, but these seemingly enjoyable effects come with a number of health risks and potentially deadly consequences.

The physical consequences of meth use are intense, so much so that medical treatment programs for drug addicts are a strict requirement to ensure patient health. When the body is stimulated to the point that meth stimulates the body, the heart and lungs face the majority of the associated risks. Cardiac arrest and respiratory failure are both common side effects for patients who abuse methamphetamines. Aside from these there are a number of other effects like insomnia, extreme weight loss, and hypothermia. In addition to these common physical symptoms, Denver programs for substance abuse also help patients cope with the intense mental side effects associated with meth use. These can be as extreme as hallucinations, paranoia, memory loss, increased aggressive or violent behaviors, and even changes in the brain's structure.

The side effects associated with methamphetamine abuse and withdrawal can be extremely dangerous. For these reasons we highly recommend that anyone interested in recovering from meth use seek out one of the many programs for drug addicts in the Denver area.

Methamphetamine Programs for Drug Addicts

One of the biggest benefits for patients that seek out inpatient programs for drug addicts is the complete removal of all drug and alcohol related temptations from each patient's environment. Patients that enter into inpatient rehabilitation get to experience an environment of learning, sobriety and recovery. This is extremely important for newly recovering patients since the majority of methamphetamine relapses happen within the first ninety days of recovery. That being said, removal of drugs and alcohol from a place of recovery is not the only benefit of Denver programs for substance abuse. Denver substance abuse programs offer patients a large variety of classes that focus on relapse prevention, addiction coping, and sobriety management. These classes are generally offered by both inpatient and outpatient programs for drug addicts, and they can be extremely helpful in ensure successful recoveries for patients dedicated to recovery. Some of these classes included:

  • Coping Skill Management Classes
  • Relapse Prevention Classes
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Family Therapy Sessions
  • Outdoor Activities and Exercises
  • Alumni Visits and Meetings
  • Twelve Step Speaker Meetings
  • Field Trips to 12 Step Program Meetings
  • Creative Outlets Such as Arts & Crafts

Drug treatment can be a slow process, but for many patients, it can be the life-saving change they needed to set themselves back on track. Denver programs for substance abuse are geared towards helping patients obtain sobriety while helping them maintain sobriety as well. Make the change you need to begin a healthier life of sobriety by calling Denver drug treatment centers at (877) 804-1531.



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