Medical Detoxification Programs in Denver

Most people know that withdrawing from drugs and/or alcohol can be very difficult, even painful. Medical detox is the process of clearing harmful substances from the body while under the supervision of medical professionals. Medical detox provides many benefits that are just not possible with a standard outpatient detoxification. Medical detox professionals can provide patients with the support and treatments they will require while experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

An individual who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol has completely altered his or her brain chemistry, and suddenly withdrawing alcohol can be dangerous, even deadly. Medical detoxification that takes place within a monitored treatment setting can help the patient go through the process much more easily and safely.

Strategies for Detox

There are many strategies that treatment professionals use to minimize the risks involved in detoxing from alcohol or drugs. These strategies may include fluid replacement to prevent dehydration, medications to ease nausea and heart palpitations, and stress relief therapy to help the individual relax throughout the process. Even with these targeted interventions, detox can be rough.

Certain substances of abuse are associated with particular treatment options. For instance, Methadone is often prescribed for patients suffering from an addiction to heroin or other opioids. A patient addicted to meth, a highly addictive substance, may benefit from Diazepam, which can reduce their intense cravings for the drug. The medical staff at Denver CO Drug Treatment Centers will assess each patient's needs in order to create an overall drug treatment plan designed to enhance the patient's recovery.

The Benefits of Medical Detox

The benefits of medical detox are numerous, but the most evident benefit is the enhanced safety of withdrawing under medical supervision. Another primary benefit is helping the individual realize success. The fact is that people who try to withdraw from drugs or alcohol on their own often don't succeed because the process is so uncomfortable.

When all you have to do is take a drink or get high to stop feeling sick, the chances that you will endure being sick are far too slim. It's just too easy to go back to using. However, if the symptoms if withdrawal - like nausea and vomiting, shaking, headaches, dizziness, and more - are managed, you are far more likely to complete the process.

Residential Detox is Best

There is little doubt that the best care for drug and alcohol withdrawal can be had on an inpatient basis. The benefits of monitored care and medical symptom management make residential detox the preferred method of choice for individuals, doctors, and treatment professionals.

Additional treatments may include the beginnings of basic mental health and stress relief management to help the individual combat the mental aspects of withdrawal and detoxification. These strategies may include simple relapse prevention techniques like managed breathing, yoga, sleep management, or exercise. As the first step on the road to recovery, a successful detoxification is crucial for success.

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